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Soon we will be allowing online orders from our site for the first time!  You will place an order anytime during the week and all orders will be sent on a monday via courier, which should be next day but sometimes carries to the day after.  Before ordering ensure you are able to be at home or pick-up same day from your local depot to avoid spoilage.  We are selling in 3kg packs to offer a good price as shipping is expensive, but our cheeses can be frozen well being sheep milk. We are unable to accept returned items due to the nature of the product. Get in-touch if you would prefer to pickup from the dairy

Our Cheeses

  • Anglum

    A Fresh cheese,Hand-made using raw milk to develop natu- ral microfloral within 48 hours.
    Anglum is gravity drained in individual cheese baskets, fresh unripened pure white cheese,

    uncooked has a flakey layered texture with a subtle pi- quant, floral and buttery briny flavour. When cooked be- comes like buttery savoury marshmallow. If charred has meaty, umami flavours.

  • London Fettle

    Hand-made and batch fermented in small barrels for a few weeks to deliver a mouth coating, savoury and piquant cheese, mildly lactic yet floral and lemony. The whey when young smells of vanilla ice-cream later to develop more pungent spicy notes as it ages. taking 2 weeks to develop as a young cheese can be aged for upto 6 months.

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