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Family run Kupros Dairy, North London Cheesemakers. Inspired by our Cypriot Grandmother, who for a living made cheese and bread in the village of Akanthou, Cyprus. Our aim is to responsibly turn locally sourced raw milk, respectfully into delicious, British sheep cheese, all hand-made in North London. Home of the new British table cheese.

Allowing us to produce buttery, addictively flavoursome, uniquely textured cheese that is incidentally and naturally nutrient dense. Our favourite combination.

Makers of 100% English sheep milk cheeses: Anglum; London Fettle. Healthy well looked after Lacaune ewe’s in Lancashire make our fresh creamy raw milk, that we collect daily. We add natural sea salt, a lot of care some cultures and thats it, simple natural ingredients used well...


We make this fresh cheese by hand using raw milk to develop natural microfloral and takes 48 hours in total.

Anglum is gravity drained in individual cheese baskets, fresh unripened pure white cheese.
Uncooked has a flakey layered texture with a subtle piquant, floral and buttery briny flavour. When cooked becomes like buttery savoury marshmallow. If charred has umami flavours.
Ideal for grilling, frying, deep frying etc..
(photo by @selinkiazim)

London Fettle

Hand-made and batch fermented in small barrels for a few weeks to deliver a mouth coating, savoury and piquant cheese, mildly lactic yet floral and lemony. The whey when young smells of vanilla ice-cream later to develop more pungent spicy notes as it ages. taking 2 weeks to develop as a young cheese can be aged for upto 6 months.

(photo by @GiovannaRyan)



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